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Bëor entered Beleriand in c. I 305
Bëor was the leader of the first house of Men to cross the Blue Mountains
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The Three Houses of the Edain

The oldest of the Three Houses of the Edain, the descendants of Bëor the Old, who entered the household of Finrod Felagund. Barahir and his son Beren Erchamion were members of this House.



Belen is not mentioned by name in the published Silmarillion, though his existence is implied by a reference to Baran as Bëor's elder son. His name is taken from an extremely detailed genealogy of the House of Bëor given in The War of the Jewels (volume 11 of The History of Middle-earth). The status of this genealogy is unclear, and it should be noted that Belen's name is not necessarily canonical.


Like Belen (see note 1), Baranor's name does not appear in the published Silmarillion. It is taken from the same source in The War of the Jewels, and included here to clarify the descent of Bereg. In The Silmarillion, Christopher Tolkien notes that he was a grandson of Baran, but gives no further details, leaving open the possibility that he was a son of Boron. In fact, according to the detailed genealogy (to which Christopher Tolkien seems to be referring), he belonged to a different branch of the House, descending from a son of Baran named Baranor.

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