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Founded soon1 after the settlement of Númenor in II 32; destroyed in the Downfall of II 3319
At the head of the Bay of Andúnië in the Andustar, the northwestern promontory of Númenor
Ruled for most of its history by the Lords of Andúnië, descended from Silmariën the daughter of King Tar-Elendil


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The shoreland city ruled by the ancestors of Elendil

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Map of Andúnië

An important city and port in the Andustar region of western Númenor. The Lords of Andúnië were the ancestors of the Kings of the Dúnedain in Middle-earth.



We do not know exactly when Andúnië was founded. The first holder of the title 'Lord of Andúnië' was Valandil, born in II 630, so in principle this city might not have been founded for centuries after the first settlers reached Númenor. We do, however, have an account of Númenor's most ancient road, which was said to have been '...early extended to Ondosto ... and thence to Andúnië in the west.' (Unfinished Tales Part Two I). It seems to follow from this that Andúnië must have existed relatively early in the history of Númenor.

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