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Built some time after the founding of Númenor in II 32; destroyed in the Downfall of II 3319
'Fortress (or walled city) of stone'


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The chief city of the Forostar

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Map of Ondosto
The approximate location of Ondosto1

A town or city of Númenor, the only recorded settlement of the upland northern region known as the Forostar. Its location is not known for sure, but we do know that it stood on the road the led from the Meneltarma in the centre of the Isle to Andúnië on the western coasts. This implies that Ondosto lay in the southern parts of the Forostar (unless the road made a considerable detour into the highlands).

The Forostar was famous for its quarries, and the stone that it produced was used for building throughout Númenor. Ondosto was the key to trade in this stone, standing as it did on the main east-west route that led to all of Númenor's major cities. This connection seems to be reflected in its name, which probably means 'fortress of stone'.



No map shows Ondosto's precise position, but given that it stood on the road from Armenelos to Andúnië and was known to be within the borders of the Forostar, it cannot have been far from the location shown above.

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