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Guildhouse of the Venturers

The seaborne home of the mariners of Númenor

Aldarion was the son of Meneldur and heir to the Kingship of Númenor, and a great mariner. In the year II 750 he created the Guild of Venturers to bring together all the voyagers and adventurers of Númenor, and built the ship Eämbar on which they made their Guildhouse and headquarters.

In the Guildhouse on Eämbar were kept all the records of the famous voyages of Númenor's mariners, as well as all the most accurate charts of the island. Eämbar itself was moored at most times to the island of Tol Uinen in the bay of Rómenna, near the most important shipyards of Númenor, though at times Aldarion would sail it around the island of Númenor from haven to haven.

After his father became King Tar-Meneldur, Aldarion's adventuring caused rifts in his relationship with his family. Tar-Meneldur saw his son's journeys to Middle-earth as an abandonment of his responsibilities as King's Heir and Lord of the Ships and Havens, and at one point this disagreement caused the King to close down the Guildhouse on Eämbar while his son was away from Númenor. The King and his son were eventually reconciled, and in II 850, the centenary of Eämbar's building, Aldarion took the ship on a journey that included Andúnië on Númenor's western coast.

The later history of the ship is less clear, but at some point it seems that the King took control of the Guildhouse from the mariners of the Guild (though it's unclear which of Númenor's many Kings was responsible for this). The ship Eämbar was anchored permanently at Andúnië, and remained there until the Downfall, when it was lost with all the records and charts that it contained. This fact means that Eämbar and its Guildhouse must - rather remarkably - have been more than 2,500 years old at the time of their destruction.

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