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Founded in II 750; persisted at least until II 10751
Explored Middle-earth from Númenor
Established by Aldarion, son of the then recently crowned King Tar-Meneldur
The Guildhouse of the Venturers, the ship Eämbar, was usually moored on Tol Uinen in the bay of Rómenna
uine'ndili (ui as in English 'ruin')
'Devotees of Uinen' (Uinen being a Maia of the Sea)
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The Venturers of Númenor

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'The devotees of Uinen', a name given to the members of the Guild of Venturers in Númenor.



We know that the Uinendili continued as a guild through the reign of Tar-Aldarion, which came to an end in II 1075. We have no references after this date, so the Venturers - who are noted to have only been a small band even at their height - may simply have disbanded when Tar-Ancalimë succeeded her father and reversed many of his policies. In later years, the Númenóreans began to explore and exploit Middle-earth in earnest, but whether these later voyagers considered themselves to be the successors of Aldarion's Uinendili is open to question.

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