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The seat of the royal house was at Armenelos, but Meneldur also built a tower in the region around Sorontil in the far north of Númenor
'Devoted the heavens'
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Heir to Tar-Elendil of Númenor

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Tar-Elendil of Númenor had three children, of whom only the youngest was a son. That son's name was Írimon, but his love of the skies and star-lore meant that he became known by the title Meneldur, meaning 'devoted to the heavens'. Meneldur even built a watch-tower in the highland regions of the Forostar to follow the stars. When he succeeded his father as King, he retained his title, but in the royal form Tar-Meneldur.

Meneldur had a son of his own, Aldarion, who was quite unlike his father in many ways. Where Meneldur pondered the heavens, Aldarion was a man of action, who voyaged far and wide from the shores of Númenor, becoming a friend and ally of Gil-galad in Lindon. When the threat of Sauron grew in Middle-earth, Gil-galad sought aid from the King of Númenor. The wise King Tar-Meneldur saw that the times ahead called for Aldarion's abilities rather than his own, and gave up the Sceptre to his son.

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