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The sixth King of Gondor


Kings of Gondor

At the dawning of Númenor's pride and power, Meneldur the King's Heir of that island Kingdom had a son whom he named Anardil. That Anardil grew up to rule as the famous sixth King of Númenor, who allied himself with Gil-galad and founded Númenor's first footholds in Middle-earth, though he ruled under the better known name of Tar-Aldarion. Three thousand years later, another Anardil became the sixth King of another realm - Anardil son of Eärendil succeeded his father to become the ruler of Gondor.

Anardil's reign over Gondor was uneventful. He is perhaps most notable as the last of Gondor's Kings to dwell exclusively in Osgiliath, since his son Ostoher was to set the precedent of the Kings spending their summers in Minas Anor, the citadel later known as Minas Tirith.

Anardil ruled Gondor for eighty-seven years, and was succeeded by his son, Ostoher.

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