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The first line of Kings ruled between II 3320 and III 1944 (2,065 years)
After an interregnum of one year, the Kingship was briefly restored between III 1945 and III 2050 (105 years)
The Kingship was finally reestablished by Aragorn Elessar on 1 May III 3019
A tradition founded by Elendil, the first High King
Other names
Title of
Elendil and at least thirty-four of his descendants


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King of the Southern Realm

The Ruler of Gondor

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One of various titles given to the southern lord most commonly referred to as the King of Gondor. In the time when Elendil was High King in the North, the Southern Realm of Gondor was jointly ruled by his sons Isildur and Anárion. After the loss of Elendil in the War of the Last Alliance, and the death of his heir Isildur shortly afterward, the line of Kings in the Southern Realm began to rule independently of the North-kingdom.

The first of these independent Kings was Anárion's son Meneldil, and from him a line descended that lasted more than two thousand years. The last of this line, and the last of the Kings of the Southern Realm, was Eärnur. He rode to Minas Morgul to answer the challenge of the Witch-king, and was lost. After his time the South-kingdom was ruled by the Stewards for nearly a thousand years, until the appearance of Isildur's Heir Aragorn in the War of the Ring, after which the line of Kings was restored.

For a genealogy and detailed list of the Kings of the Southern Realm, see the entry for King of Gondor.

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