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Existed during the lifetime of Númenor, from before II 32 until the Downfall in II 3319
Near the North Cape in the Forostar region of the island
Tar-Meneldur built a tower on or near this mountain


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The northern height of Númenor

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In all the histories and geographies of the island of Númenor, only two mountains are named. The first was the famous Meneltarma, the Pillar of Heaven that stood in the central highlands. The other was far to the north, near the island's North Cape, with its eastern flanks forming sheer sea-cliffs. That was Sorontil, the peak of the Forostar.

Sorontil's name is never given an English form, but in translation it would be 'Eaglehorn', an appropriate name for a mountain whose crags were home to countless Eagles. In the early history of Númenor, Tar-Meneldur built a tall tower in the vicinity of this mountain, though we are not told whether this actually stood on the slopes of Sorontil itself.

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