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Founded early in the Second Age; destroyed in the Downfall of Númenor, II 3319
On the shores of the Bay of Andúnië in Númenor, westward of the port of Andúnië
alm/eye'/da (/eye/ represents the sound of the English word 'eye')


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A haven of northwestern Númenor

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Map of Almaida
The approximate location of Almaida1

A shoreland town that apparently lay on the Bay of Andúnië in the northwestern region of Númenor known as the Andustar. It seems to have been built a little further westward along the bay than the main city of Andúnië itself, but little more can be said of Almaida. The name is only known from a single sketch-map of Númenor, and is never mentioned elsewhere.



All we know with certainty about Almaida's location is that it lay on the shores of the Bay of Andúnië, and that it was westward of Andúnië itself. We don't know for sure whether it stood on the northern or southern shore of the Bay, though the northerly location of Andúnië implies a northern location for Almaida as well.

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