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Lady of the Westlands

A title for Erendis, consort of Aldarion

Beregar the father of Erendis held land in the Andustar, the western promontory of Númenor called the Westlands. Erendis herself was raised in that region, but was brought east to Armenelos by her father, and there she encountered Aldarion of the royal house. After the two were betrothed, Erendis became well known in Númenor outside her native region, and she came to be called the Lady of the Westlands.

The title seems to be have been entirely informal, given to Erendis by the people rather than officially conferred. There's no suggestion that her father Beregar was actually a lord (we're merely told that he had a dwelling in the west), and where the title 'Lady of the Westlands' is used it is qualified by 'for so they called Erendis' (Aldarion and Erendis in Unfinished Tales).

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