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The name 'Moro' is apparently meaningless


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Moro Burrows

The second son of Milo Burrows

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One of the four children of Milo Burrows and Peony Baggins, born in the same year as Éomer of Rohan. This would have made Moro (and Éomer) ten years old at the time of Bilbo's Farewell Party, which we know he attended. Moro was in fact a relation of Bilbo's, though a very distant one: his great-great-grandfather was Ponto Baggins, and Bilbo was descended from Ponto's elder brother Mungo.

Some earlier editions of The Lord of the Rings contain an apparent typographical or printing error due to which this name reads as 'Moto'. Later editions give the name correctly as 'Moro'.

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