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Myrtle Burrows

The daughter of Milo Burrows

"On this occasion the presents were unusually good. The hobbit-children were so excited that for a while they almost forgot about eating."
From the account of Bilbo's Birthday Party
in The Fellowship of the Ring I 1,
A Long-expected Party

The third child and only daughter of Milo Burrows and Peony Baggins. As her mother was a Baggins, Myrtle was related to both Bilbo and Frodo, but only in a most distant way (through her great-great-great-grandfather Balbo Baggins, in fact). We only know for sure about one event from her life: she attended Bilbo's famous one hundred and eleventh Birthday Party. At that time, she would have been just eight years old, and so she was doubtless among the hobbit-children mentioned in the quote above.

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