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Applicable from III 2953 to 3 November III 3019
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A title claimed by Saruman for himself

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An ambitious title claimed by Saruman at the end of the Third Age. In III 2759 the Wizard had been granted Isengard by Steward Beren, to keep as a warden of Gondor. This arrangement lasted for nearly two hundred years, but in III 2953, after the last meeting of the White Council, Saruman claimed Isengard as his own. At this time he raised fortifications and began to gather armies of his own, seeking to become a Ruler in his own right.

Over the following years, Saruman gained power and influence through the use of spies and agents, especially in neighbouring Rohan and later as far north as the Shire and Bree, but his plans came to an end in III 3019 when his invasion of Rohan failed, and he became a prisoner in his own tower of Orthanc. Released by the Ents who guarded him, he fled north to become a minor Ruler in the Shire for a brief time, until he was murdered by his own servant Gríma.

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