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A name of Oromë in Middle-earth

The Sindar in Middle-earth had never crossed the Sea to Valinor, and so had names for only a few of the Valar. One was very familiar to them, however: the Huntsman of the Valar who had found them, newly awakened, by the shores of Cuiviénen. In those ancient days the Eldar gave him a name that was intended to mirror the sound of his great hunting horn, the Valaróma. As the languages of the Elves diverged, this name became Oromë in Quenya, but to the Sindar in Middle-earth the Vala was known as Araw.

Legend said that Araw had brought extraordinary beasts to Middle-earth in ancient times, including the ancestors of the mearas of Rohan. To the east in Rhûn a kind of giant oxen could be found that were also said to have originated with the Huntsman, and so they were known as the Kine of Araw.

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