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Descended into Arda at its beginning; immortal
Valar is pronounced 'va'lar'
Valar means 'Powers'
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Huntsman of the Valar

A title of the Vala Oromë

A title given to the Vala properly known as Oromë, or in Sindarin as Araw. After the Valar fortified their land of Aman against Melkor, it was Oromë who most often returned across the Sea to ride the dark lands of Middle-earth and hunt the monsters of Melkor. It was even said that Melkor had raised the long curve of the Misty Mountains as a defence against the great Huntsman, but that did not prevent Oromë from journeying into the far East and finding the newly awakened Elves at Cuiviénen.

Legends among the dwellers in Middle-earth claimed that Oromë had brought extraordinary beasts there from West over Sea. Among the descendants of these were said to be the mearas, the magnificent race of horses to which Shadowfax belonged, and also the Kine of Araw, great oxen that dwelt at one time on the plains of Rhûn.

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