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Descended into Arda at its beginning; immortal
Dwells in Aman with the other Valar
Sister to Yavanna; spouse of Oromë
From the Elvish word for 'beauty'1


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A lesser lady of the Valar

The Valar

One of the lesser Queens of the Valar, named sixth among the Valier, Vána was the spouse of Oromë and the younger sister of Yavanna. Like her sister, the province of Vána was growing things of the world, and she was associated especially with flowers. She kept gardens in Valinor filled with golden flowers that were said to open at her glance, and tended by her Maiar with the golden dews of Laurelin. Among these Maiar were Arien (a spirit of fire who would later steer the Sun) and Melian (who also served Estë1 and would later become Queen of Doriath).



The root word behind Vána's name literally means 'pale' or 'light-coloured'. In context this implies that Vána had light or golden hair, a connection which is never explicitly made, but fits with her particular association with golden flowers.


Estë was the spouse of Lórien, and he - like Vána - kept gardens in Valinor. The fact that Melian is associated with both Vána and Estë seems to imply that these gardens were connected in some way (we are perhaps intended to infer that the gardens of Vána were close to, or even within, the gardens of Lórien).


About this entry:

  • Updated 3 May 2013
  • This entry is complete

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