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Descended into Arda at its beginning; immortal
Probably from the Old English for 'tree-lord'1
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The name for Oromë among the Northmen

A name used in Middle-earth for the Vala known to the Elves as Oromë or Araw, the Huntsman of the Valar. In ancient days, he was the Vala who came most often to Middle-earth to hunt the monsters of Melkor, and legend said that he brought with him certain fabulous creatures. At the close of the Third Age, Men still believed that certain animals were descended from stock brought to Middle-earth by Béma, most notably the extraordinary horses known as the mearas, and the huge Kine of Araw that wandered the plains of Rhûn.



The name seems to derive from an old form Béaming, which is not a direct translation of the name Oromë, but rather of one of the Vala's titles, specifically Aldaron, 'Lord of Trees'.

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