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Descended into Arda at its beginning; immortal
tow'ron ('ow' to rhyme with English 'now')
A shortened form of Aran Tauron, meaning 'Lord of Forests'
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Lord of Forests

The Sindar in Middle-earth, who had never travelled to Valinor, had never encountered the Valar in the distant West. For most of the Powers, the Grey-elves simply used the traditional Quenya names. There were a few exceptions, and one of these was Oromë the Huntsman, who had been seen by all the Elves at Cuiviénen. His name - said to derive originally from the sound of his great hunting horn - was adapted in Sindarin to become Araw. In later use, however, that name fell largely out of use, and he was more commonly known as Tauron, meaning 'the Forester'. The full form of the name was Aran Tauron meaning literally 'King Forester' but commonly translated 'Lord of Forests'.

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