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Around the base of the Halifirien on the border between Gondor and Rohan
The Halifirien held one of the Beacons of Gondor
The Mering Stream rose in the Firien-dale and flowed through the Wood
Important peaks
Halifirien is pronounced 'halifi'ree-en'
Halifirien means 'holy mountain'
Other names
The Firien Wood, The Firienholt, The Whispering Wood, The Wood of Anwar; at one time called Eryn Fuir, the 'North Wood'; the western parts of the Wood were known as Everholt


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Halifirien Wood

The forest beneath the Halifirien

A wide expanse of woodland that grew beneath the beacon-hill known in Rohan as the Halifirien, on the border between that land and Gondor. It took its name from that peak (Halifirien translates as 'holy mountain'), though in common use the forest was more usually referred to by the shortened forms 'Firien Wood' or 'Firienholt'. For the most part the trees of the Halifirien Wood spread out northwards into the plains, but a wooded valley, the Firien-dale, ran to the south of the Halifirien, between the hill and the main mass of the White Mountains behind.

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