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Muster of the West-mark

The Riders of western Rohan

The marshalling of all the Rohirrim who dwelt in the vales west of Edoras and the Entwash. In the time approaching the War of the Ring, this Muster would have been under the command of the Second Marshal Théodred, son and heir to Théoden. Théodred was lost at the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, and thereafter his command was assumed by Erkenbrand of the Deeping-coomb. When the Rohirrim went to war in the east, however, Théoden chose to leave Erkenbrand in control of the defence of Rohan. Thus the Muster of the West-mark fell under the command of Grimbold of Westfold, who led its Riders to the Pelennor Fields, where he fell in battle.

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