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Wall of the Pelennor

The outer defence of Minas Tirith

The Rammas Echor, a great wall constructed by Denethor II to protect the townlands of the Pelennnor Fields around Minas Tirith. It extended out to some four leagues (about twelve miles) from the city at its furthest extent, where it approached Osgiliath to the northeast. The entire wall was more than ten leagues (about thirty miles) in length, running out from the lower slopes of Mount Mindolluin to loop around the Pelennor before returning to the mountain.

In the Wall were three gates. Through the northern gate - called the Forannest - ran the Great Road that led out to Rohan and on into the far north. The second gate faced Osgiliath, and was guarded by the two Causeway Forts that were destroyed in the War of the Ring. Finally a third gateway stood to the south, where a road ran out towards Pelargir and on across the southern fiefs of Gondor.

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