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Causeway Forts

Two forts that guarded the Pelennor Fields

Map of the Causeway Forts

Part of the outer defences of Minas Tirith, two towering forts built by the Gondorians in the wall of the Rammas Echor to guard the eastern entrance to the Pelennor Fields, some twelve miles from Minas Tirith. From their gate a raised road known simply as the Causeway led on across wide river flats to reach Osgiliath on the Anduin, and it was from this roadway that the Causeway Forts took their name.

During the War of the Ring, the invading army of Mordor passed along the Causeway out of the ruins of Osgiliath. At the Forts, soldiers of Gondor tried to mount a defence, but the invaders used a device of fire and smoke to break down the guarding towers and so pass on into the heartland of Gondor.

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