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Built in III 2984 or shortly thereafter1; ruined during the invasion of III 3019
At the eastern end of the White Mountains, ringing Minas Tirith and the Pelennor
Surrounded Minas Tirith and the townlands of the Pelennor
ra'mmas e'chor (ch as in the name 'Bach')
'Encircling wall'
Other names


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Rammas Echor

The boundary wall of the Pelennor Fields

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Map of the Rammas Echor

The great wall that surrounded Minas Tirith and enclosed the Fields of the Pelennor. It was repaired in the time of the War of the Ring, but did little to hold back the armies of Sauron under their Black Captain.



The Lord of the Rings tells us only that the Rammas was built 'after Ithilien fell under the shadow of [Sauron]' (The Return of the King V 1, Minas Tirith). In itself this is somewhat ambiguous, but in his unfinished detailed index to the book, Tolkien states that the wall was built during Denethor's time as Steward. The fall of Ithilien must therefore refer to the events of III 2954, when Mount Doom erupted and Ithilien's last inhabitants abandoned it. Denethor became Steward thirty years later, so the earliest point at which the wall could have been built was III 2984, the year of his accession. The fact that it had fallen into a partly ruinous state by III 3019 implies that it was created early in Denethor's reign, perhaps even in the year he become Ruling Steward.

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