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Merry’s steed in the White Mountains

A hill-pony lent to Meriadoc Brandybuck by King Théoden of Rohan. Stybba (whose name comes from the Anglo-Saxon for 'stubby' or 'stumpy') carried Merry through the Mountains from the Hornburg east and south to Dunharrow, and from there northward to Edoras. Though he was good for mountain riding, he was too small and slow to accompany the main army of Rohan across the plains from Edoras, and it was Théoden's purpose to leave Stybba and his rider behind at this point. Merry found a way to complete the journey in secret with a Rider named Dernhelm (who was in fact Éowyn in disguise) but we hear no more of Stybba after Merry rode away from him at Edoras.

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