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Muster of Rohan

A gathering of the forces of the Rohirrim

The term given to the summoning together of all the Riders of Rohan, or as many as could be spared at one time. The Muster was known to the Rohirrim in their own language as an éoherë, or 'horse-army'. In principle, a full éoherë would have consisted of one hundred éoreds, themselves each consisting of 120 Riders, so that the King of Rohan would have 12,000 warriors under his command. In practice, other military needs, and also sheer logistical difficulties, meant that it was never possible to gather this many Men at one time.

Though the term 'Muster of Rohan' properly applies to the gathering of any éoherë, it is most commonly used of the Muster called by Théoden during the War of the Ring. The army he gathered did not come close to the 12,000 Riders of a Full Muster, but he still managed to gather at least six thousand Men, which was said to be the greatest army ever assembled since the founding of Rohan.

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