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A height of two rangar

An informal unit of height among the Dúnedain, referring to the height of a typical Man of Númenórean descent. It was based on the ranga, a Númenórean measure of length corresponding to thirty-eight inches, or a little less than a metre. A height of two rangar was referred to as 'man-high', so a typical Dúnadan would be 6' 4" in height, or 1.93m.

The term comes from later usage, when the Dúnedain of Middle-earth had dwindled somewhat. In earlier times they had been taller on average. Elendil, for example, was famous for his height (and indeed was often called Elendil the Tall). He was said to have been nearly half a ranga more than man-high, which would make his approximate height an incredible 7' 10", or 2.39m.

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