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Forsaken People

Those dedicated to Elwë

After Elwë of the Teleri became lost in Beleriand, his people did all they could to search the lands for him, even when the summons came for them to travel across the Great Sea into the West. So Elwë's followers were forced to make a choice: to follow their lord's brother Olwë to Aman, or to remain and continue the search for Elwë. They chose to remain faithful, and so gave up their chance to travel to the Blessed Realm.

After long years Elwë returned to them; he had become enmeshed in Nan Elmoth by the enchanting beauty of Melian the Maia. Together those two founded a great kingdom, later called Doriath, and their people became the Sindar, highest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth. For Elwë's sake, though, these people had been left behind when the other Teleri passed into the West, and for that reason they were also known by another name: Eglath, the Forsaken People.

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