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Laer Cú Beleg

The Song of the Great Bow

Beleg Strongbow was one of the greatest warriors of the Sindar. After Túrin was fostered by Thingol the Sindarin King, he went out to fight on the borderlands of Doriath, and became a friend of Beleg. Through a fateful accident, Túrin exiled himself from Thingol's kingdom, but Beleg sought him out, and found him on the hill of Amon Rûdh. There the two friends founded a short-lived kingdom of their own, Dor Cúarthol, the Land of Bow and Helm. Before long they were betrayed, and Beleg was left for dead, while Túrin was captured by Orcs and carried off.

Beleg healed himself, and set out to rescue his friend. In the far northern woods of Taur-nu-Fuin, he found Gwindor, an escaped slave of Morgoth, who guided him to the Orcs. In the midst of a thunderstorm, he rescued the senseless Túrin and freed him from his bonds. Suddenly Túrin awoke, and seeing a shape stooping over him, seized Beleg's sword and struck, unwittingly slaying his friend and rescuer.

The shock and horror of his act struck Túrin dumb with horror, and he had to be guided out of the highlands by Gwindor. At Eithel Ivrin, he drank from waters preserved by Ulmo, and so recovered his sanity. At that time he made a lament for the memory of Beleg Strongbow of Doriath, and named it Laer Cú Beleg, the Song of the Great Bow.

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