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Doriath was founded during the Years of the Trees, long before the first rising of the Sun; it was sacked in I 509
Doriath lay in the central regions of Beleriand
Primarily Sindar
The chief settlement of Doriath was Menegroth on Esgalduin
Doriath is pronounced 'do'riath' ('th' as in English 'path')
Doriath means 'Fenced Land'
Other names
Closely equivalent to Eglath, the Forsaken People


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Elves of Doriath

The People of Thingol and Melian

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Those Elves of the Sindar that lived in the broad forests of central Beleriand, Neldoreth and Region, under the Kingship of Elu Thingol. These people, whose King had travelled to Valinor in his youth, and whose Queen was of the order of the Maiar, were held to be the highest and noblest of the Grey-elven kindred.

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