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Destroyed in the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age
Surrounding the Aelin-uial, in the central regions of Beleriand, on the southwestern borders of Doriath


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Fens of Sirion

The marshland of the Aelin-uial

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Map of the Fens of Sirion
The trackless fens of Aelin-uial

To the southwest of the forests of Doriath, the great river Sirion was met by the waters of the river Aros flowing in from the east. Where the waters of these two rivers combined, a region of lakes and fenland formed, and for a distance of some thirty miles Sirion spread out to create a maze-like stretch of waterland. At the southern extent of these Fens, Sirion met the hills of Andram and fell beneath the earth in the thundering cascade of the Falls of Sirion.

Though they were trackless and empty of people, the Fens were not impassible. The Elves of Doriath maintained ferries and secret ways through the Fens and across the Twilit Meres within, allowing them to pass through and find their way to Nargothrond beyond. Beren passed this way as he set out from Doriath on the Quest of the Silmaril, and later Mablung led Morwen through the Fens as they set out to journey to Nargothrond after its fall.

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