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The Wolf

Carcharoth, the Red Maw

A name for the mighty beast known as Carcharoth, bred by Morgoth to be the greatest wolf of all time. Made guardian of the gates of Angband by his master, Carcharoth encountered the escaping Beren and Lúthien, bearing with them a Silmaril from Morgoth's Crown. The Wolf bit off Beren's hand, and so consumed the Silmaril he bore. The Jewel's holy power burned his innards and sent him mad with pain.

In his frenzy, the Wolf Carcharoth roamed across the lands southward of Angband, and came at last to the woods of King Thingol's forest domain. The King set out with a hunting party, and at last they succeeded in tracking down and slaying the Wolf, but both Beren and Huan were mortally wounded by the beast.

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