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The East of Middle-earth, some four hundred miles to the east of southern Mirkwood
The River Celduin (River Running)
Rhûn is pronounced 'rhoo'n'
Rhûn means simply 'east'
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Sea of Rhûn

The eastern inland sea of Middle-earth

Map of the Sea of Rhûn
Map of the Sea of Rhûn1

The Inland Sea in the land of Rhûn into which the Celduin emptied its waters. Its northeastern shores were densely forested, and to the southwest lay a mountainous region. The mysterious land of Dorwinion was said to lie on its northwestern coasts.



The maps that accompany The Lord of the Rings show a pattern of stipples within the Sea of Rhûn, though the intention behind these markings is not entirely clear. In the Reader's Companion to The Lord of the Rings, these are taken to indicate a wooded island, with the dots representing individual trees, and we follow that assumption on the map shown above.

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