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The valley of Dale, and before the gates of Erebor


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Battle of Dale

Sauron's assault on Dale and Erebor

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A battle that took place during the War of the Ring, in Dale and Erebor. Brand of Dale and Dáin Ironfoot were both lost in the battle, and their respective forces besieged in the Lonely Mountain. The sons of these two lords, Bard II and Thorin III, were eventually able to break the siege and defeat the forces of Sauron.



The actual Battle of Dale started on 17 March, and ended with the victory of the Easterling invaders, leaving Brand and Dáin dead, and their heirs besieged within Erebor. The siege lasted for seven days, until news of the Downfall of Barad-dûr reached the besiegers and sapped their morale; the Tale of Years tells us that Bard II and Thorin III drove them away on 27 March.

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