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King of Dale

The title claimed by Bard

The title of the hereditary rulers of Dale after its refounding by Bard, which was held successively by his descendants Bain, Brand and Bard II. It was likely also held by Bard's ancestors down to Girion, but there is no definite evidence of this.

Girion (Ruled to III 2770)
Girion was the last of the rulers of Dale before Smaug's attack, in which he fell. Though he was undoubtedly the Lord of Dale, he is never described as its King, and so it is unclear whether he ever claimed that title.
I Bard I (Made King of Dale in III 2944; ruled 33 years to III 2977)
Though Girion was slain by Smaug, his wife and child escaped the destruction and fled to Esgaroth, where their descendants lived until the time of Bard the Bowman. Bard slew Smaug with his Black Arrow, and over the following three years he rebuilt Dale and re-established its rule, becoming the first of a new line of Kings of Dale.
II Bain (Ruled 30 years to III 3007)
III Brand (Ruled 12 years to III 3019)
Brand's authority was said to extend far into the lands to the south and east of the Lonely Mountain. He fought and died in the Battle of Dale alongside Dáin Ironfoot.
IV Bard II (Ruled from III 3019)
After their fathers' defeat, Bard son of Brand took shelter in the Lonely Mountain with Dáin's son Thorin III. After the news of Barad-dûr's destruction reached the north, he was able to break the siege of Erebor and drive the dismayed enemy out of Dale. As the new King, Bard II sent an ambassador to the coronation of Aragorn Elessar in Minas Tirith, and the kingdom of Dale remained an ally of Gondor through Bard's reign and beyond.

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