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Made sometime between III 2590 and III 27701
Used to slay Smaug in III 2941
Created by the Dwarves of Erebor
Handed down through a family of Men
Descendants of Girion
Originally Dale, later Lake-town


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Black Arrow

The bane of Smaug

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An arrow originally made beneath the Lonely Mountain that had been passed down through the generations of the house of the Lords of Dale. It was given to Bard the Bowman by his father, and Bard claimed that the arrow never missed its target. When Smaug descended on Lake-town, Bard kept back the Black Arrow as long as he could. When he discovered the Dragon's weak spot, he sent the arrow to its mark with furious power, and Smaug was destroyed.



The Black Arrow came from the forges of the Kingdom under the Mountain, so it must have been made between these two dates, which were the time the kingdom existed under Thrór.

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