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Descended from Girion, Lord of Dale
Probably from Old Norse beinn, 'favourable, fair'


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The heir of Bard I

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Lords of Dale

The son of Bard the Bowman, Bain succeeded his father to become King of Dale and Esgaroth on the Long Lake. He ruled in the lands south of the Lonely Mountain for thirty years, during which he would have seen Balin and his companions leave Erebor on their fateful journey to Moria (and may even have aided them on their way). The Dale-branded toys seen at Bilbo's Farewell Party would also have been made during Bain's time, but nothing of substance is known of his time as king. He was succeeded by his son Brand, whose realm was said to extend far to the south and east of Esgaroth, though whether Bain himself had any part in its expansion is an open question.

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