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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
A part of the Encircling Mountains, south of Gondolin
criss/eye/'grim (/eye/ represents the sound of the English word 'eye')
Usually interpreted 'abode of Eagles'1
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The Abode of Eagles

Map of the Crissaegrim
The Crissaegrim

The sheer-sided peaks to the south of the concealed city of Gondolin; in their heights were the eyries of Thorondor and his Eagles.

From the peaks of the Crissaegrim, the Eagles guarded Gondolin from outsiders, and more than once they swept down from those inaccessible heights to play a part in the history of Middle-earth. It was from these mountains that Thorondor swooped to attack Morgoth himself after the Fall of Fingolfin, and to rescue Fingolfin's body from Morgoth's Wolves.



'Abode of Eagles' doesn't appear to be a literal translation: the Elvish roots used in Crissaegrim are difficult to render into English. Literally, the term seems to mean something like 'host of clefts and peaks': that is, a region with many deep ravines and towering precipices.

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