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The lower Glanduin, east of Tharbad
Probably '(place of) swimming swans'1
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The great marshlands of the River Glanduin

Map of Swanfleet
The Fenlands of Swanfleet
The fenlands of Swanfleet. In the far distance, the Misty Mountains can be seen.

The Mannish name for the marshy lands above Tharbad, famed for their swans, at the outflow of the River Glanduin. The Elvish name was Nîn-in-Eilph.



Presumably from Old English swanfléot or some related compound, with fléot meaning 'float' or 'swim'. Probably by association with waterbirds, fléot can also refer to a river mouth, which may also be relevant here, since the Glanduin flowed into the Gwathló at Swanfleet.

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