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Founded some time before II 10981; ruined and abandoned III 2912
On the river Gwathló, at the point where the North-South Road passed from Minhiriath into Enedwaith
Probably founded by Tar-Aldarion of Númenor
From thara-pata meaning 'crossway'2


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The city at the crossings of Greyflood

Map of Tharbad

An ancient city of Men that grew up where the North-South Road crossed the River Gwathló (Greyflood). Tharbad was deserted in the late Third Age after it was devastated in the floods that followed the Fell Winter.



We have no record of the exact date of Tharbad's foundation, but it clearly dated back well into the early Second Age: an account exists of Aldarion of Númenor visiting the town and meeting Galadriel there. Aldarion was known to have founded at least one settlement in Middle-earth (at Lond Daer downriver from Tharbad) so it seems likely that he created Tharbad, too; he died in II 1098, hence the date shown above.


Tharbad stood at the crossing of two important routes through Middle-earth: the river Gwathló leading to the coast, and the North-South Road leading between Arnor and Gondor. Since neither Arnor nor Gondor existed at the time Tharbad was founded, it wouldn't actually have been a 'crossway' for much of its earlier history. It's therefore possible that the town originally had a different name (now lost), and only acquired the name Tharbad later in its history.


About this entry:

  • Updated 22 September 2010
  • Updates planned: 1

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