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Battle of the Gwathló

A defeat of Sauron in the Second Age

After the destruction of Eregion, Sauron's forces overran Eriador, and by the year II 1700 his armies had reached as far north and west as the River Lhûn. Meanwhile, Tar-Minastir of Númenor had sent a huge force of his own to the aid of the Elves of Lindon, and with the help of the Númenóreans, Sauron was forced back southwards.

Retreating towards the River Gwathló, Sauron received reinforcements from Tharbad, but was ambushed by a second Númenórean force. The Númenóreans had sent a part of their fleet southwards, and so another great army from Lond Daer lay in wait for Sauron's force. The two armies met in the Battle of the Gwathló, in which Sauron was utterly defeated, and nearly captured. He fled back to Mordor, and so the Númenóreans succeeded in freeing Eriador, but earned Sauron's hatred.

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