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The border between Minhiriath to the north and Enedwaith to the south
The confluence of the Mitheithel and the Glanduin, above Tharbad
Into the Great Sea at Lond Daer
'Grey' refers to the shading of the trees of the Second Age
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River Greyflood

The southern border-river of Eriador

Map of the river Greyflood

The name given to the lower reaches of the River Hoarwell, known to the Elves as the Gwathló. The Greyflood flowed southwest from the confluence of the Hoarwell (Mitheithel) with the Glanduin, until it reached the Great Sea at Lond Daer. It formed the border between the regions of Enedwaith in the south and Minhiriath in the north, and took its name from the tree-shadows of the great forest that filled those regions during the Second Age.

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