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A river of eastern Eriador, flowing south and west from the Misty Mountains to meet Glanduin
In the western Misty Mountains, about a hundred miles north of Rivendell
Met Glanduin above Tharbad to form the river Gwathló
'Pale grey spring'
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River Mitheithel

The northern river Men called the Hoarwell

Map of the river Mitheithel

The long river that rose in the icy north of Middle-earth, in the Misty Mountains about a hundred miles north of Rivendell. It flowed southwestwards through the lands that had once been held by the kingdom of Rhudaur, round the woodland region of the Trollshaws. Passing beneath the Last Bridge on the East-West Road, it flowed on into the south, until it met the Bruinen to form the River Gwathló (or Greyflood).

The river's Mannish name was Hoarwell, a free translation of the Elvish Mitheithel. The Elvish name for the river contains the components mith 'grey' and eithel 'spring, well'.

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