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Named for the plant Mentha, more commonly known as 'mint'


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Mentha Brandybuck

A distant descendant of Marmadoc the Masterful

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A member of the extended Brandybuck clan of Buckland, Mentha was the second child and eldest daughter of Marmadas Brandybuck. She was thus descended from the Masters of Buckland, but through a rather minor line: her great-grandfather Orgulas was the younger son of Master Marmadoc the Masterful, who led Buckland more than a century before the War of the Ring. Mentha had two siblings, an elder brother Merimas and a younger sister Melilot.

A distant cousin of both Merry Brandybuck and Frodo Baggins, Mentha was one of the hundred and forty-four guests invited to Bilbo Baggins' famous Birthday Party in III 3001, along with her father, brother and sister.2 Mentha would have been eighteen years old at this time, but she is not specifically mentioned (making rather less of an impression than her younger sister Melilot, who danced the springle-ring on a table while Bilbo was making his Farewell Speech).



Mentha would have been just eighteen when she attended Bilbo's famous Party, and thirty-six when the Shire was afflicted by the worst troubles of the War of the Ring. Most likely she lived through these times, but we have no definite records of her life beyond the Farewell Party in III 3001.


Since all the known members of Mentha's branch of the family were among the guests at Bilbo's Party, it seems reasonable to assume that her mother was also invited. As a minor branch of the Brandybucks, however, we have little detail about Mentha's immediate family, and no specific mention of her mother at all.

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