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Recorded in the closing years of the Third Age, though quite possibly much older than this
'Springle' is related to 'spring' (that is, to leap), while 'ring' indicates that the dancers moved in a circle


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A dance both pretty and vigorous

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A lively dance popular among the Shire-hobbits, in which the dancers moved in a ring and often leapt (or 'sprang') into the air. It was danced at Bilbo Baggin's famous Birthday Party, at which Everard Took and Melilot Brandybuck began an impromptu tabletop version of the Springle-ring in the mistaken belief that Bilbo had finished his farewell speech. The same dance is recorded (in the poem Bombadil Goes Boating) as taking place during a visit by Tom Bombadil to Bamfurlong, when it was danced by Farmer Maggot's three daughters.



All references to the Springle-ring see it being danced by Hobbits of the Shire. This does not necessarily mean that it was unknown outside the Shire, and indeed it's entirely possible that it was known among Men as well as Hobbits.

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