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A doomsman is one who speaks judgements ('dooms')1
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Doomsman of the Valar

Mandos, the harbinger of fate

A title of Mandos, the judge and arbiter of the Valar. He was said to know all things that have passed, and also have a profound knowledge of the future (with the exception of those things that still lay in the freedom of Ilúvatar). He used this knowledge in his role as Doomsman, making laws that would be binding on all beings, including the Valar themselves.

In part his role was to pronounce the laws and decisions of others: especially those of Manwë and of the Valar as a group, but also of the Dead who remained in his Halls. More than that, his understanding of the past and future granted him the power to judge those spirits who came to him, and decide how long they would remain within the Houses of the Dead.



It was Mandos' role to speak the judgements of Manwë, or of the Valar as a group. Once the Doomsman of the Valar had spoken, those judgements became irrevocable.

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