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Prophecy of the North

The Doom of the Noldor

The prophecy delivered to the Noldor as they stood on the borders of the lands of the Valar. Ready to return to Middle-earth to seek the Silmarils, they encounted an ominous figure said to have been Mandos, the Doomsman of the Valar, who pronounced the fate of those who would continue out of the Blessed Realm. That prophecy told that the Valar would shut out the Noldor, and that in Middle-earth the Oath of Fëanor would drive them to treachery and destruction.

Hearing this dreadful foretelling only hardened Fëanor's heart; he resolved to continue his journey in pursuit of Morgoth, and his seven sons and many others followed him. Fëanor's half-brother Finarfin, however, was chastened by the prophecy and elected to turn back from the march. He and his people were reconciled with the Valar, and Finarfin became King of those Noldor who remained in Aman.

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