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First Battle

The first great battle in the Wars of Beleriand

Map of the First Battle

The First Battle was fought when Morgoth sent two armies of Orcs down into Beleriand, one in the west and one in the east, in a time before the Return of the Noldor.

(1) The eastern army pushes southwards and defeats the Laiquendi at Amon Ereb, slaying their leader Denethor.
(2) Thingol's forces out of Doriath meet the eastern Orcs in the rear.
(3) The eastern Orcs are finally defeated north of the Andram, and flee back towards the North.
(4) The fleeing remnant of the eastern army of Orcs is set upon by Dwarves out of the Blue Mountains, and almost completely destroyed.
(5) The western army of Orcs is almost unopposed. Driving Círdan into his Havens, elsewhere they roam freely through West Beleriand.

Battles of the Wars of Beleriand

The first of the great battles in the Wars of Beleriand, fought soon after the destruction of the Two Trees of Valinor, and before the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth. After his own return to Middle-earth, Melkor loosed legions of Orcs upon Thingol and Círdan, at that time the two greatest lords of Beleriand. Though the Elves managed to save both their kingdoms of Doriath and the Falas, the Orcs roamed Beleriand freely after this battle until the coming of the Noldor.

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