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The Dagor-nuin-Giliath

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When Fëanor and his followers landed in Middle-earth, the Sun and the Moon had not yet risen, and the Hither Lands still lay in near darkness beneath the stars. The returning Noldor had hardly set their camp in the land of Mithrim when hordes of Orcs crossed the Mountains of Shadow and launched an attack. Morgoth hoped to claim a decisive victory before the Eldar could establish themselves in Beleriand, but he was disappointed: the Orcs were routed and slaughtered by the Elves.

This victory became known as the Battle-under-Stars, or Dagor-nuin-Giliath in Elvish. Though it saw the defeat of the Orcs of Morgoth, the battle was won at a great cost. Fëanor, imagining that he could press on to defeat Morgoth himself, was ambushed by Balrogs and mortally wounded. Though he was rescued from his attackers, he succumbed to his wounds soon afterwards.

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