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Glorious Battle

The Dagor Aglareb

The third of the great battles of the Wars of Beleriand, and the most decisive victory for the Elves. Some sixty years after the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth, Morgoth sent out armies of Orcs to test the northern defences of Beleriand. The Orcs attacked in the west through the Pass of Sirion, and in the east through Maglor's Gap. Both of these assaults were repulsed by the Noldor, and the armies of Morgoth were destroyed completely: it was said that not a single one of the thousands of Orcs ever returned to Angband.

To commemorate this great victory, the Elves gave it the name Dagor Aglareb, which translates as the 'Glorious Battle'. With the Orcs defeated, the Noldor set a siege around the Dark Lord's domain - the Siege of Angband - that kept Beleriand safe from any similar invasion for nearly four hundred years.

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